Ashley Corinne
Ashley Corinne
Custom Portrait Photographer, South Florida and beyond

Kind Words // Testimonials

The feedback I receive after each photoshoot is very important to me. The reason I wanted to start photography in the first place is because of the childhood memories of stressful family portraits at the mall. For weeks it felt like we would be choosing outfits, trying to figure out how to compromise the guys being comfortable and still color coordinated with the girls. The day of our portraits would be insane. One of us girls would have a meltdown, it was one of the only days I let my mom blow dry my hair, and I hated it. Then we arrive at the mall, stand in line with other stressed out families, and hope for the best. Now, granted the pictures turned out alright, but the experience was not the greatest.

When I picked up a camera and started taking pictures for my friends, I realized I could change that experience. Portraits could be fun, I even used to call them "photo adventures" because that's exactly what they were. I want my clients to feel comfortable, confident, and have a good time. A picture is a lasting memory and I want it to be a happy one, not a stressful one. The most consistent feedback I got from my friends was that it was "way easier than they expected" and they "actually enjoyed it." I think that should be the norm. I think we spend too much of our lives stressed and frustrated already, and portraits should be a fun adventure. That's why I love my job.

Here are a few words from some great clients:


"You captured the spirit of the party, made it look bigger than it was, and made me look fit, fun and fabulous.  I am never comfortable having my photo taken and you managed to catch my personality in a way that others haven’t."

-Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of "Body Language for Dummies" 


"I love working with Ashley because she makes me feel comfortable.  I have never seen a photographer so passionate about what she does.  She makes me feel like we are working as a team, as opposed to just a photographer taking pictures of me.  Not to mention, we always have so much fun!!" 

-Casey Kunmann


"Working with Ashley was an absolute blast! Usually, photoshoots make me uncomfortable, especially in a public place like the beach, but Ashley makes you feel completely at home - as if being a model is your actual profession." 

-Hannah Anderson


"My experience with Ashley was such a blessing! Two of my good friends recommended Ashley to me and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the pictures. Not only is the quality there but also the heart and passion for what she does." 

-Christina Alessi


"Ashley is a joy to work with! She's so inviting and extremely personable. She makes you feel so comfortable, is flexible with what you're looking for in your photos, but also directly communicates what she thinks would help most. She has done multiple sessions for my family and we will keep coming back!" -Annie Vera (See Annie's newborn shoot here)

-Annie Vera