This self-portrait project was so incredibly interesting and challenging. I tend to get really bored and un-motivated unless I am being challenged, so I've found that new projects like this really help fuel my creativity. Here's how we did this:My friend Ashley Guertin did my makeup with a really cool and dramatic vibe and super thick foundation. She then started to carefully place glitter EVERYWHERE. The goal was for a very ethereal vibe, contouring the face but with lots of color.

Once hair and makeup was finished (about 2 hours), we set up a makeshift studio in her apartment's living room, which had great natural light. Then I laid a sheet on her table and we shot from above, giving everything a zero-gravity feel. The only thing manipulated by my computer was the sheet behind my head, which I oversaturated and burned a bit to give a more galactic look.

I hope you really enjoy these! They're so weird, but that's the whole point. If I can get out of the box every once and a while, then I'm more likely to take interesting and beautiful photos at a normal senior session or wedding. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else's brain, but it definitely works for me!

Questions are always welcome! :)

A HUGE thanks to Ashley Guertin for her makeup, hair, and glitter skills!!