Palm Beach Senior // Kendall

Update (May 25, 2016): I am so thankful that my very first Senior Portrait Shoot was with my little sister, giving me lots of time to be creative and try multiple locations and poses. To think of how much time has passed and how much my baby sister has grown up is kind of crazy, but that's the beauty of milestone photography. Milestones, those moments in life that define us and that we look back on with nostalgia, those turning points, can be big moments and small ones. Graduation of course is a huge milestone, and senior portraits fall under that category. At Kendall's graduation party we pulled out photos from all of her previous milestones to decorate the house, her preschool graduation, Kindergarten photos, her first solo, first day of Middle School and last day of school. All of these things are celebrated and looked back on in joy. One day soon we'll be celebrating her college graduation, isn't that just crazy? Each time we gather to celebrate it's a time to look both back into the past with joy and forward with a hope and anticipation for the future.

This is why I capture the milestones. It's an heirloom, time frozen forever for us and for posterity to enjoy and treasure. Senior photos might not seem like much in the hustle and bustle of applying to colleges and graduating, but as time passes having something concrete to look on and treasure is priceless.

There are few things sweeter in the world than growing up with your best friend. Kendall is an amazing sister and friend, a blessing to our family and to those around her. As she enters adulthood, it's a pleasure to still see that wide-eyed little girl inside of her—the one that delights in blowing bubbles, gasps in wonder at the small trinkets in the dollar store, and walks around the house singing made-up songs. That precious little girl loved Peter Pan so much that she decided to never grow up and is now a beautiful young woman who will always hold dear the little joys of life.

"To live will be an awfully big adventure"