Palm Beach Vacation Photographer - Kinney Family
Family is one of nature’s masterpieces
— George Santayana

Growing up in Palm Beach County, I never really appreciated the glory of the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn't until college where I lived only a short walk from the water that I began to truly enjoy the majesty of the waves rolling in, the smell of salt in the wind, and even the grains of sand that seemed to follow me around long after I returned to home. It was then that I began photographing at the beach, not because it is "cliché" but because it is timeless. 

Families are a precious gift, constantly growing and changing. Time never seems to stand still, and yet a moment playing at the beach seems to stick in my memory forever. Whether the beach is in your backyard or you have to travel hundreds of miles to reach the shores, it's always worth documenting - the ever-changing ocean and your ever-changing family, timeless.