Oxford Snow Day

If you've been anywhere near me in real life lately, you probably know that I'm freaking out about snow in February (now March). Before you judge, I know that most of the world's winter involves snow and this is pretty standard, but let me just put a disclaimer out there that this is my very FIRST Winter... ever. Actually, it was my first time experiencing Autumn, and Winter, and I'm assuming Spring will be pretty neat too, especially after all this cold. See, Florida really doesn't experience the seasons, I went home a couple weeks ago and it was about 20-30 degrees Celcius. (Look at me, using Celcius! I'm a changed woman.) 

So, naturally, at the very first sight of snow I grab my camera and run around town trying to capture my favorite places in Oxford under a tiny dusting of powdery, melty snow. Here are a few pics from that first snow, and maybe if I venture outside today, I'll snag a few more.