Katie Scott //  Palm Beach Island

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending a whole day with my sweet friend Katie for a birthday photoshoot. Bubbly and beautiful, this girl exudes hope and is a true inspiration to me. We took on the island of Palm Beach in all its charm, braving thunderstorms and even getting complimented by a bold police officer. And of course, our adventurous spirits were accompanied by a few good cups of coffee at Starbucks! The Island of Palm Beach has such a variety of places to shoot, from the beautiful classy street of Worth Avenue, to the "mountain road" south of the Palm Beach Country Club. I love the bright, colorful island vibes this shoot took on, merging  the classic beach ideal with Katie's preppy style. It was practically a perfect shoot, aside from the rain that threatened to stop our fun. We hid in the Starbucks on Worth Avenue while it sprinkled and once that was done, headed out to some lovely overcast skies. I think my favorite spot for Katie was at the clock tower on Worth Avenue overlooking the beach. It's sandy texture and the waves crashing in the background worked perfectly with Katie's pink dress. I absolutely loved this shoot and Katie made my job so much easier with her high energy and beautiful, genuine smile.