Hannah // Senior Portrait // Downtown West Palm Beach

It is my great pleasure to introduce the world to a sweet senior girl I've had the pleasure of knowing for the past few years- Hannah Anderson. Hannah's senior photoshoot was one of my all-time favorites, for a number of reasons. First, she brought along her mom and sister, which provided lots of laughs and moral support. And this girl was fearless in front of the camera, taking on graffitied stairwells like a champ, and practically diving right into the Atlantic ocean with her gorgeous flower crown. I asked Hannah to share some of her thoughts on the day, as well as how she styled the shoot (really well, might I add!).


Hannah's Take:

Working with Ashley was an absolute blast! Usually, photoshoots make me uncomfortable, especially in a public place like the beach, but Ashley makes you feel completely at home--as if being a model is your actual profession.

After never-ending wardrobe changes the night before, my mom, sister, and I found a casual and a formal outfit that fit my style and personality. For the Art Deco shots, I wore two items from Anthropologie: a jean jacket and heels. The black camisole underneath was from Calvin Klein, and the brown pants were bought at Nordstrom's Rack.

For the beach scene, a flowy dress was a necessity. This particular dress came from Anthropologie. The pearl earrings were a souvenir from Key West, and the rose ring was from a stop at Wall, South Dakota, on a cross-country family road trip.

In my flower crown, there were pale pink roses, lilies, tulips, chrysanthemums, and some greenery--all supplied by dear old Trader Joe's. My mom, the artist, arranged the flowers into the beautiful crown.

Beyond the outfits and the photoshoot, I am a person who loves learning about everything--from math to history to science to languages and music. Learning gives me my buzz. I am excited to get my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, and then hopefully continue on to either medical school or graduate studies.

Music is also very important to me. I play the piano, and I formerly played the glockenspiel in an orchestra. I appreciate most every type of music--anywhere from a little Louis Armstrong and the Beach Boys to the endearing The Vespers and The Show Ponies to the more hardcore Andy Mineo and Switchfoot.

Since I have grown up in a family that moves a lot, traveling is in my blood. The awe of experiencing new cultures never ceases to invigorate me. Many moves has also been a blessing in disguise because it has made my family very tight knit.

Although I am not very sporty, I do love bike riding--especially sunrise rides to the beach. Wilderness inspires a hiking craze in my family, so we release this energy each summer at Yosemite National Park (quick shout out to the National Park Service for having their 100th aniversary this year!), where we spend a week hiking as we also attend the California Bible Conference.

My pastimes are all very important to me, but what I live for is my faith. It is my confidence and trust in the Lord Jesus that gives me the courage to reach further, reach out, and reach up. That faith gives joy in times of pain, peace in times of chaos, and hope in times of despair. By walking with the Lord and by learning more about His gift of salvation, life has purpose. Viewing life through His lens brings out to beauty in each scene.