Family // The Boyd's // West Palm
I have known the Boyd family for as many years as I can remember, and I think what stands out to me most about them is their sense of humor and dedication to family. Even when Tori and Josh were much younger, their sense of humor could make a whole room of adults crack up, and I just love hanging out with them. We decided to take their portraits outside at Okeeheelee Park on Forest Hill Boulevard in West Palm Beach, FL. The lighting was interesting as it was about 4:30 and the sunlight keeping changing it's mind, sometimes soft behind the clouds, and then BOOM, right in Josh's eye. Instead of fighting with Mother Nature, I sat them down in the shade by the lake for some fun and colorful hanging-out shots. Not pictured here is the gummy worms and hershey's kisses used for bribery and Josh's Doctor Who tardis. I just love the Floridian scene in these photographs, with the tall grass and strong yellow and greens, and how each member of the family wore a shirt that represented who THEY were as a part of the family unit. That's really special! I really enjoyed this session, and they kept me on my toes, laughing and giggling the whole way, just like an awesome family session should be!