Embracing Our True Colors

Embracing Our True Colors

True Colors: It's not every day that a small business started from scratch and a bunch of online tutorials makes it another year! I bought my first camera on Black Friday in 2012 and started teaching myself how to shoot in manual mode the very next day. Practicing on my cousins and my sister, that weekend I knew my money was well spent. Years passed and my love for photography grew and morphed from shooting fancy recital posters to engagements, families, newborns, animals, and lots of random stuff in between.

Finding my voice in photography has not been easy. There's always the temptation to create something "safe" that I knew people would like. There's pressure to look like everyone else in the industry, but that defeats the whole purpose of being an artist. A really great photographer and educator named Ben Sasso posted his "creative manifesto" on his blog that really helped me get out of my creative rut. You should totally check it out if you work in the creative arts at all: (http://bensasso.com/blog/creative-manifesto/ )

My favorite part was a section called "Embrace Your Weird" where he says this:

"We’re lucky enough to have a career that allows us the freedom of creativity and every time you push your weird ideas to the side because you’re afraid they won’t be “popular,” you’re slapping that freedom in the face."

So here is me, embracing my weird, true colors and having so much fun doing it! Thank you a million to my friends and clients-turned-friends who came over for this full day of shooting in the backyard. You guys are the fuel that keeps me going and the only reason I'm still taking photos today. I love you guys! And an extra special thank you to Daniela Childers who wakes up super early to help me prepare for so many shoots and spends all day helping everyone look their best!

If you're curious about how we pulled off this shoot feel free to comment and ask anything that comes to mind! This was our first color powder shoot, so we learned as they day went on. I loved the vibrancy of the powder and can't wait for an excuse to use it again!