There is nothing sweeter than a breath of fresh air. This hayfield in the countryside and the sunsets that grace its horizon enthrall me. Every once and a while, when I get the chance to visit family in central Florida I like to sneak away and take a few moments to appreciate all that the landscape has to offer, from soil to sunset. This particular shoot is a favorite of mine, I remember racing home from the store, seeing a glorious sunset in my rearview mirror. As soon as I reached the house I put the car in park and left it running, sprinting inside to grab my new camera, and shouted across the house to my grandparents that I am home but I'll be right back. Then I drove down to the end of their street where there is a perfect hayfield, knelt in the tall grass and soaked it all in for about 15 minutes and then it was gone. This was the my first experience of the exhilaration behind each good shot. Racing the sun, still getting used to setting my camera in full manual, thinking out loud to myself how precious this moment is...these are the moments that have made me fall in love with photography. Sometimes I am capturing moments and sweet memories for others, but this time, it was for me.