Ashley Faith Guertin // Phipps Ocean Park // Portrait Session

Ashley Faith, a West Palm Beach based musician, is attending Palm Beach Atlantic University pursuing a degree in Popular Music. This sweet spirit is from Alabama and has been writing music for many years. Her album "Sanctuary" (2014) is available on iTunes and has blessed my car rides to and from work many many times. Collaborating for a portrait session has been on both of our to-do lists for a while now, and I'm so thrilled with how the day unfolded. We decided to put together a very diverse portrait shoot, first updating her professional headshot, a very important step for any artist. She went with a timeless look with a classic turtle neck and smokey eye. We were able to set up my wonderfully-portable portrait studio right in the living room of her apartment, which made it both comfortable and provided the soft lighting that made her portraits so dreamy. Of course, after the professional headshots were done, we had fun playing around with dramatic lighting, mirror portraits, and capturing that beautiful, strong, and fun personality that Ashley Faith is known for!

The day we took Ashley's portraits, the forecast was 60-80% rain, and I figured we wouldn't have a chance to go outside and explore, which is my favorite way to capture candid and genuine portraits in a session. It was beautifully overcast, however, so we decided to risk it and head over the bridge to Palm Beach Island, to find a secluded park on the beach. We finally came across Phipps Ocean Park, which had a beautiful wooden stairway down to the mostly-empty beach. My favorite part about it, though is that you can walk under the boardwalk area for shade and that nautical sea-green boardwalk look. Mother Nature must have loved Ashley's black lace dress because it really came alive in the gusts of wind and twirling. The water was pastel blue and sea foam green, offset by Ashley's dramatic black and smokey eye, exactly the serenity and drama that we were looking for. Portrait sessions on the beach are not easy, especially with the unpredictable South Florida weather and bright sun bursting out unexpectedly from behind the clouds, but Ashley rocked it in true model fashion and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Keep an eye on this up and coming musician, because I assure you, she is going places!