Ashaki & Chase // Wedding // West Palm Beach

On April 16, 2016, Chase Ure and Ashaki Budden became husband and wife. Around 3 pm, friends and family gathered for their wedding ceremony at Church of Christ of the Palm Beaches on Jog Road and Summit Boulevard. A beautiful slideshow of Ashaki and Chase's favorite pictures played while guests awaited the beginning of the ceremony. Behind the scenes, Ashaki's family and bridal party were putting on her veil, wiping away a few tears as they realized the magnitude of the moment. Everything was ready, the time had come to bind two lives together in the covenant of marriage.

The ceremony included some very beautiful and memorable details, including a wine ceremony where Ashaki and Chase combined their two wines into one, symbolizing the union of marriage and joining together of two lives. They exchanged rings, said their vows, and then it was finally time for their first kiss as husband and wife.

After family photos, everyone drove to the reception, which took place at the Tuskeegee Pavilion in Okeeheelee Park. It was a beautiful day, but threatened to rain, giving a gorgeous dramatic overcast, windy look to the portraits by the lake. Now that the hustle and bustle was mostly over, Ashaki and Chase really got to enjoy the company of all of their loved ones, and even took some time to play on the playground by the pavilion. I just love it when couples aren't afraid to have a little fun at their wedding! So what, the groom's head fell off the cake topper? Make a joke out of it! I love that! At the end of the day, they knew what mattered most was enjoying the craziness of life together.